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Meet The Team

Scott Bird kung fu China

Scott Bird


From a very young age Scott was fascinated by martial arts and influenced by the likes of Bruce lee, Jackie Chan and Gordon Liu...

Deng fu ming sun style

Deng Fu Ming

Sun Style Master

Master Deng Fu Ming born 1955 in Tang Shan City, Hebei Province was interested in martial arts from a very young age. When he was 16...

Shaolin academy china

Shi Yan Dong

Shaolin Master

Shi Yan Dong (Meng Wei Dong) born 1986, is from Inner Mongolia and started his Martial Arts journey aged 10 at the Shaolin Temple...

kung fu masters in china

Su Chun

Xingyi & Taiji Master

Born 1960 in Baoding City, Hebei PR. Master Su started his martial arts training at the age of 10 with his father..

qufu shaolin school china

Bai Hao Zhou

Shaolin Master

Master Bai, born in 1993 Inner Mongolia started his training in Chang Quan at the age of 11. He is one of the...

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