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Tuition Fees

RISING DRAGON SCHOOL FEES - (£ = British Pounds)

Our prices are all inclusive and include the following: Martial Arts Training (6+ hours per day), Accommodation, 24hr Internet access (WIFI) and Food (3 meals per day, Morning/Afternoon/Evening). Our Fee Structures shows all of our charges there are no hidden fees when you arrive. (All of our rooms have TV, WiFi, and En-suite bathrooms with western toilets.


  • Price per month – £700

  • 6 months – £3500 (Discounted) £583 per month

  • 1 year – £6300 (Discounted) £525 per month

  • Phoenix Plan£1120 per month (Available April, May, June only)

Private Chauffeur Service Fees

  • Dali City Airport/ Train Station – £90

  • Baoshan Airport - £90

Private Accommodation - £40 Per Week


  • Returning RDS Students - 10% OFF

  • Groups of 5 or more - 20% OFF

Reopening Special Discounts - Due to being closed for the first time in RDS history due to Covid-19 we will offer extra discounted prices for 1 year and 3 month stays at RDS China! These discounts will be available when we reopen!
Offer will be announced on our Social Media as soon as we know when the reopening date will be.

  • 1 Year - £5399 (£449 per month)

  • 3 Months - £1785 (£595 per month)

*Note - You can only take advantage of one discount at one time. You cannot combine discounts!

Booking Process
After you have filled in the booking form you are then required to pay a £200 deposit to secure your place with us. Your deposit is deducted from your final balance which we will send to you within 7 days of receiving your booking.

Any fees payable to RDS should be paid by a bank-to-bank transfer before arrival unless you are a last minute booking and other arrangements have been agreed by Rising Dragon School.

Any students staying with us for 19 days or less will be charged at the rate of £38 per day. The daily rate is also charged to anyone extending from 1 day to 19 days. Stays from 20 to 28 days are capped at the 1 month price!
*Your time at RDS is calculated weekly so a 1 month stay = 4 weeks or 28 days. For example a 6 month stay would be 168 days!

*Start/ End Date - Once you arrive at RDS your time starts and will not pause if you decide to take a few days break somewhere for tourism.

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