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Tuition Fees


Our prices are all inclusive of Martial Arts Training (approx. 6 hours per day/ Mon - Fri), Accommodation and Food (3 meals per day, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner). Our Fee Structures shows all of our charges there are no hidden fees when you arrive.

  • £749 Per Month

  • £3750 Six Months (Discounted £625pm)

  • £6600 One Year (Discounted £550pm)

  • £40 Daily Rate (See below for more details)

  • Weight Loss Program £1297 Per Month (Limited Availability - Contact us)

Private Chauffeur Service Fees (Each Way)

  • £120 - Dali City Airport or Train Station

  • £120 - Baoshan Airport or City Center

  • £30 - Yong Ping Train or Bus Station

If you would like to save money your best option is public transport to Yong Ping Town followed by a taxi to RDS. Details given in our welcome pack which you'll receive after you have booked and paid your deposit.

Private Accommodation £40 per week

All of our rooms are spacious, occupy up to two people and have En-Suite bathrooms with western style toilets.

DISCOUNTS (For 0ne month stays or longer)

  • Returning RDS Students 10% OFF

  • Groups of Five+ 20% OFF

*Note. You can only take advantage of one discount at one time. You can not combine discounts!

Booking Process

After you have filled in the booking form you are required to pay a £100 deposit to secure your place with us. Your deposit is deducted from your final balance which we will send to you within 7 days of receiving your booking.

Any fees payable to RDS should be paid by a bank-to-bank transfer before arrival unless you are a last minute booking and other arrangements have been agreed by Rising Dragon School.

(Last minute bookings are not always accepted - we recommend booking at least 3 months before your intended start date)

Any students staying with us for 19 days or less will be charged at the rate of £40 per day. The daily rate is also charged to anyone extending from 1 day to 19 days. Stays from 20 to 28 days are capped at the 1 month price!
*Your time at RDS is calculated weekly so a 1 month stay = 4 weeks or 28 days. For example a 6 month stay would be 168 days starting from the day you arrive.

Your Start/ End
Date - Once you arrive at RDS your time starts and will not pause if you decide to take a few days break somewhere for tourism.

Making a Difference: Our Commitment to Charity and Future Endeavours

At Rising Dragon School, we believe in the power of martial arts to transform lives not only within our community but also beyond. We are proud to share that every penny that comes into RDS is allocated towards charitable purposes after covering the initial running costs. Our commitment is to maximize the positive impact we can make on society.

We ensure that all funds are dedicated to charitable initiatives that uplift underprivileged children and communities. By choosing RDS for your training, you actively contribute to these meaningful endeavors.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that we are actively saving funds for our Hong Kong project and the establishment of our orphanage. This project has become Scott Bird's main priority, reflecting our unwavering dedication to providing a safe haven and support for underprivileged children. Your continued support enables us to turn this vision into a reality.

Join us on this incredible journey, where every training session not only benefits your personal growth but also creates a ripple effect of positive change. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those in need.

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