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Expectations At RDS

What You Can Expect To Accomplish At our Kung Fu School in China


  • Increased health & fitness. Should be running 5km easily within 6 weeks!

  • Basics in which ever style you choose. Proper form & technique achieved!

  • At least 2 fist forms (Taolu)

  • Basic hard Qigong (optional)

  • Basic Mandarin (optional)

  • Favourable Body Composition Changes (Less Fat/ More Muscle)


Learning a martial art style requires more than just a month or two of training. Even basic stances can take several weeks to master, and correct body alignment is essential in styles such as XingYi and Taiji Quan for proper form and benefit. While you may quickly pick up movements, it is crucial to prioritize correct form and technique.


If you wish to perform hard Qi Gong within the first few months of training, you can learn some of the basic exercises. However, achieving proficiency in this area requires consistent and intensive training. After a few months of training, you can determine if Chinese martial arts aligns with your interests and goals, and choose to continue your training or return in the future for further development.

(One of the very first students here practiced Shaolin & hard qigong for just over 1 month; John King had little martial arts background and broke an iron bar over his head on his last day of training).


  • Improved Cardio running faster and further distances.

  • Good level of basics

  • 4 – 9 forms (some of them being weapons)

  • Medium hard qigong (optional)

  • Basic Mandarin

  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding & knowledge of your chosen style.

  • Increased power and speed

Undoubtedly, attending this martial arts school will enhance your fitness level. However, if you have a good fitness foundation before your arrival, you can expect to progress and acquire skills at a faster pace compared to those starting from scratch. At this stage, your basic skills should be polished, and you should set an example for new students. The forms you learn from this point onwards will become more complex, and your Master will have higher expectations of your abilities.


  • 100% Excellent level of Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Very healthy - A new you!

  • Good basics

  • Good sharp forms

  • Good speed and power

  • Basic Mandarin, conversational.

  • Good knowledge, able to demonstrate the ability to teach others the basics in your chosen style.

  • Self confidence


At this point in your training, you may have learned a sufficient number of forms, but it's not solely about quantity. It's essential to perform them correctly and understand the principles behind each movement. Merely memorizing a form is pointless if you cannot apply it in a combat situation. To advance in your training, it's necessary to perform the Taolu flawlessly.


At this stage, you've been training for a while, and mistakes should be minimal. You should be a standout among your peers and exemplify what it means to train diligently. If you've been studying Sanda, your proficiency in kicking and punching should be commendable.


  • Entering and winning competitions representing RDS and your country.

  • Be able to perform all the hard Qigong exercises.

  • Achieve a certain rank or level of mastery in the chosen style. (Duan level grading)

  • Be able to demonstrate the ability to teach others more advanced aspects of the chosen style.

  • Contribute to the development and promotion of Kung Fu.

If you consistently give your best effort throughout your training, you'll have the opportunity to represent RDS and your country in various competitions throughout China and Asia. These experiences will provide invaluable testing grounds for your skills, and you'll be recognized as an accomplished martial artist. Additionally, if you've regularly practiced qigong and conditioning exercises during this period, you'll be capable of performing most hard qigong exercises.


Please keep in mind that the above expectations serve as a general guideline. Since everyone has different learning rates and varying levels of previous martial arts experience, it's impossible to predict precisely what you'll learn during your stay. However, if you're joining us to advance your skills, your Master will assess your abilities and correct any areas in need of improvement.


It's essential to recognize that everyone learns and progresses at their own pace, with varying levels of fitness and experience. If someone has trained for several years and you're just starting, don't expect to learn and perform at the same level as them immediately. Some students may find training more challenging than others, but we ask that you always give your best effort and strive for progress.

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