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The Beginning

How It All Began

In 2003, while on selection for the 23 Special Air Service, Scott contracted septicaemia and cellulitis while on exercise in the Black Mountains, Wales. This near-death experience led him to spend two weeks in the hospital and unfortunately ended his selection process. During his recovery, Scott stumbled upon a Shaolin Academy in China and within a month of finding the Shaolin Academy, he travelled to China and committed to a year of Shaolin training.

Although he stayed at the Shaolin Academy for over a year, many Westerners left early due to poor management and communication issues. As Scott's time was nearing its end, he felt compelled to rectify the flaws commonly found in Chinese-owned martial arts schools by opening his own kung fu school in China.

Kung fu school china

Teaming up with a master from the Siping Kung Fu School, Scott established their own Shaolin Academy in Kunyu Mountain, Yantai. However, after several months of collaboration with Master Su, Scott realized that their visions for running a martial arts school for Westerners differed significantly. Consequently, he left the Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Academy but continued residing in China to deepen his cultural understanding and pursue his personal development.

During the May holiday of 2006, Scott discovered a large plot of land left for ruins at the foot of E Mei Feng Mountain in rural Fujian. Recognising its potential, he held numerous meetings with the supportive local government to transform it into a residential martial arts school and so construction and renovation work began that summer.

After dedicating over a year to building and renovating RDS, along with three months of travel across China to search for the best kung fu masters, everything was finally completed. In October 2007, RDS welcomed it's first students, marking Scott the first and only Westerner in China to own and manage a residential Kung Fu School for foreigners.

Following six successful years in Taining, challenges arose due to changing circumstances in the area and government transitions. However, through Scott's connections in WuDang Daoism, he was presented with an opportunity to relocate RDS to two 1200-year-old Daoist Monasteries in Jiangsu province at the end of 2013. While this move offered a unique experience, Scott longed for a return to the mountainous environment and began searching for a new location.

Returning to Taining was not feasible as Scott had donated his land and buildings to a local orphanage, which displeased local authorities who desired the land for themselves. After exploring various potential locations, Scott finally found a suitable site in Yunnan Province.


The current RDS location on the Himalayan foothills, can accommodate over 300 students, providing modern amenities such as en-suite bathrooms, TVs, and WiFi. Notably, the area boasts pristine nature, wildlife, and zero pollution. This marked the beginning of Rising Dragon's new chapter in January 2015.


Since opening, Rising Dragon School has welcomed over 2000 students from around the world. The school has achieved remarkable milestones, including performing on live TV with international superstar Jackie Chan, winning numerous medals in international tournaments, and establishing official training partnerships with the Shaolin Temple and International Sun Style Association.


Rising Dragon School is recognized as one of the most promising Kung Fu schools in China, offering a premier destination for Westerners seeking to learn traditional Chinese Martial Arts, from Tai Chi to Shaolin Kung Fu.

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