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learn kung fu in china

How It All Began

Deep into the mountains of rural Fujian PR, South China a large plot of land left for ruins was discovered by Scott Bird during the May holiday of 2006. Although in a very bad condition, Bird knew there was potential and so had several meetings with the local government who were very supportive of his idea for a residential martial arts school and so work began that summer.

Working by himself without translators or any help it took Scott nearly a year to get RDS liveable and ready for students to start training and it wasn't long before the very first student, John King arrived at Rising Dragon School for Shaolin training. During the first year of opening RDS received nearly 100 short-term students making Rising Dragon successful from day 1.

Since opening in October 2007 we have had over 1000 students from all over the world attend Rising Dragon School, in 2010 we performed on live TV with the international super star Jackie Chan, our students and owner Scott Bird have walked away from International Tournaments with dozens of medals, we was made an official training base for Sun Style martial arts and we have struck up a great relationship with The Song Shan Shaolin Temple and warrior monk training base who have sent us some of their best martial monks to teach for us.

We are one of the most promising Kung fu schools in China today and thee place for westerners to learn kung fu or Chinese martial arts in China so if you are serious about learning kung fu in China, traditional Chinese Martial Arts from Tai Chi to Shaolin Kung Fu then you have found the number one martial arts school in China for your practice!

We hope to meet you soon!

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