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Jackie Chan

Performance At The Combat Games

In August 2010, a momentous occasion in the realm of martial arts unfolded in Beijing—the 2010 Beijing Sportaccord Combat Games. Rising Dragon School experienced a remarkable honor as they were chosen to represent Shaolin Kung Fu and The Shaolin Temple, performing alongside the legendary Jackie Chan at the grand opening ceremony of the Sportaccord Combat Games.

Scott Bird and his 16 accomplished Rising Dragon students were filled with deep gratitude for the opportunity to meet and perform with the esteemed Jackie Chan. It was an encounter that left an indelible mark on their martial arts journey.

The live performance, witnessed by a crowd of 20,000 people, was a sight to behold. The electrifying showcase was also broadcasted live on Chinese television, reaching a wide audience and further solidifying the significance of the event. Check out the captivating images and a video capturing the essence of this memorable performance.

Jackie Chan stunt team
Scott Bird and Jackie Chan
Jackie Chans kung fu team
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