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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Rising Dragon Martial Arts School?

Please see preparations page.

How much extra money will I need once I have paid my tuition?

This is difficult to answer obviously because everyone spends differently however for the essentials like water, snacks, fruit, toiletries etc and then going on day trips once in a while we recommend between ¥400 and ¥800 Yuan per month with the latter being for the big spenders.

You have so many styles to choose from, can I train in all of them?

For short term students we recommend to choose one discipline, train hard and take the most from that style. Some of our long term students have trained in 1 style for 6+ months and then in another for 6+ months splitting their time up between two different groups/ styles. 

Do you have specific start dates?

No, but it is a good idea to arrive during the weekend so you can get used to the surroundings and high altitude before training begins Monday morning.

Are you open during Christmas and Chinese New Year?

Yes, we are open all year round but during CNY some or all of our masters will have some holiday time, usually a few weeks. RDS students will keep training as per the normal schedule and usually under RDS owner, Scott Bird or one of the RDS PT Instructors.

Can I have my own room or is it sharing? I heard that other schools in China squeeze multiple students into a small room?

All of our rooms are spacious and comfortable with a max occupancy of 2 per room. If you would like your own private room then you can at an extra cost of £40 per week.

What is the min/ max amount of time I can stay at RDS for?

As long as you train hard, have a good attitude, and follow the RDS rules you can stay here as long as you like although a break is recommended at the end of each year you stay with us. If you are travelling and want to visit RDS and only stay for a few days then this is fine, you're welcome!

Is there any language requirement to attend your Kung Fu School?

No, sometimes there will be translators at RDS to help out but once your training gets started you will find the language barrier is no problem at all.

I am a vegetarian, can you cater for me?

Yes, we have had many vegetarians attend RDS, we can cater for any special diet you may have.

I have no martial arts experience at all, can I still attend RDS?

Yes, actually most of our students are beginners. You have to start your training somewhere so why not here under the watchful eyes of  the RDS masters.

Am I too old to attend Rising Dragon School?

No, we have had students attend RDS in their 70's with no problems at all. As long as you have good general health and no major illness then you are suitable

Can we have a discount if we book as a group?

Yes, if you are five or more in your group we will give you a discount.

Can I share a room with my partner?


Do you have western style toilets?

Yes, all of our rooms have their own en-suite bathrooms equipped with western style toilets, sink, and showers.

Can I speak to past students?

Yes, The best way is to post on our Facebook page and make friends with many of our past students or interact on our Rising Dragon Message Board.

Do I need any special clothing for training?

We supply a free uniform to students staying 2 months or longer (While in Stock). If you are staying for 1 month or less and do not wish to purchase a uniform (¥200) then you need to wear plain clothes with no big prints on them such as black or white T-shirt with black or blue jogging bottoms.

Pollution is bad in China, what about the RDS location? Training in polluted areas is bad for health!

Correct, the pollution is quite bad around China and can be very bad for your health however the RDS location is in one of the best pollution free zones of China and with our high altitude we have the best air with zero pollution so you do not need to worry about pollution at RDS!

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