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  • How do I get to Rising Dragon School?
    Once you have booked you will receive a welcome pack with details on how to get to us.
  • VISA
    Obtaining a visa to China can be stressful, time consuming and expensive so you should start the process at least 6 weeks before you intend on traveling to China. We recommend anyone staying for a short period to apply for a tourist visa and if you are staying long term we will supply you with a visa invitation letter to help you obtain a sufficient visa. More info on visas is provided in the RDS welcome pack once you have booked!
  • Vaccination Advice
    Malaria can be a risk at altitudes below 1500m, our altitude is1800m+ however as we are only a 3 hour drive away from the Chinese-Burma border which is a malaria risk area you may want to take malaria medication if you plan on visiting the border areas or going into Burma for the weekend. ​ Although yellow fever is not a disease risk in China, the government requires traveler's arriving from countries where yellow fever is present-to-present proof of yellow fever vaccination. If you will be traveling to one of these countries where yellow fever is present before arriving in China, this requirement must be taken into consideration. Overall because of our altitude and the clean area we are located in there isn't much risk of anything but it's always best to be on the safe side. We also recommend bringing insect repellents and diarrhea medicine. For up to date vaccination advice choose one of the following links or view your own countries government recommendations. NHS (UK) CDC (USA)
  • Training & Physical Preparations
    To make it easier and to settle into the training smoother at our martial arts school you should do some whole body training before you arrive - You can follow some of our workouts on the RDS YouTube channel which will be similar to what you will be doing during your stay with us. Here is a simple one to start with in your own time, good luck!
  • Clothing
    Most of the time you will be training so you will mostly need training clothes such as Tracksuits, T-shirts, Shorts, Vests and sweat shirts etc. On your days off there are beautiful scenic spots to visit in and around YongPing Town so bring some casual clothes too. You can also buy training clothes/ shoes here in China! BUY OFFICIAL RDS MERCH!
  • Local Weather
    Considering our altitude our weather and the general weather in Yunnan Province is excellent. The summers are not too hot and the winters not too cold and all year round there are beautiful, colorful flowers blossoming. You can expect an average temperature of 20°C year round with the coldest drop during winter months average around 5°C which is only early morning and evening, once the sun rises its nice again.
  • Do I need travel or medical insurance?
    While medical costs are typically affordable in our area, and our students very rarely require hospitalization, it's always best to prepare for the unexpected. We recommend that you obtain full medical and travel insurance for the duration of your stay with us and any additional travel time. In the case of serious illness or injury, this will provide you with comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. Additionally, your insurance will also protect you in the event of theft or loss of personal belongings, ensuring a worry-free travel experience.
  • Is it possible to attend RDS without any prior martial arts experience?
    Absolutely! In fact, most of our students are beginners. At RDS, we understand that everyone has to start somewhere, and we welcome all students, regardless of their level of experience. Our expert RDS masters will guide you through your training journey, helping you develop your skills and reach your full potential.
  • Do you have specific start dates?
    No, but it's a good idea to arrive during the weekend so you can get used to the surroundings, high altitude and recover from your travel so you're fresh for training on Monday morning.
  • How much extra money will I need once I have paid the RDS tuition fee?
    It's challenging to provide an exact figure as everyone's spending habits vary. However, we recommend budgeting around ¥400 to ¥800 Yuan per month for essential items such as water, snacks, fruit, toiletries, and occasional day trips. The higher end of the estimate is for those who tend to spend more.
  • What clothing do I need?
    Most of the time you will be training so you will mostly need training clothes such as Tracksuits, T-shirts, Shorts, Vests and sweat shirts etc. On your days off there are beautiful scenic spots to visit in and around YongPing Town so bring some casual clothes too.
  • What Is the local weather like?
    With our high altitude and the climate of Yunnan Province, you can expect excellent weather during your stay at Rising Dragon School. The summers are pleasantly warm, and the winters are mild, making it a comfortable destination year-round. You'll also enjoy the sight of beautiful, colorful flowers blossoming all year round. The average temperature remains around 20°C throughout the year, with the coldest temperature dropping during the winter months. Even then, the average temperature in the early morning and evening is around 5°C, and it quickly warms up to a comfortable level once the sun rises.
  • With so many styles available, Can I train in all of them?
    We recommend that short-term students choose one discipline to focus on during their time with us to maximize their training in that style. However, some long-term students have chosen to split their time between two different groups/styles, training in one style for 6+ months, then transitioning to another style for another 6+ months. Ultimately, the decision on whether to train in multiple styles or focus on one is up to the individual student and their goals.
  • Are you open during Christmas and Chinese New Year?
    Yes, we operate all year round; however, during Chinese New Year, some or all of our masters may take some time off, usually for a few weeks. Despite this, our RDS students will continue their training as per the regular schedule, usually under the guidance of RDS owner Scott Bird or one of our RDS PT instructors.
  • Are the rooms at your school private or shared? I've heard of other schools in China putting multiple students in small rooms.
    Our school offers spacious and comfortable rooms, with a maximum occupancy of two people per room. However, if you prefer to have a private room, we can arrange this for an additional cost of £40 per week. You can rest assured that you won't be crammed into a small space with multiple other students at RDS!
  • What is the minimum/maximum length of time I can stay at RDS?
    At RDS, the length of your stay is entirely up to you, as long as you adhere to our rules, maintain a positive attitude, and train diligently. However, we do recommend taking a break at the end of each year that you spend with us. If you're traveling and wish to visit RDS for a few days, you're more than welcome to do so. The longest students we have had stayed for nearly 3 years and we have had dozens stay for 1 to 2 years.
  • Is there a language requirement for attending your Kung Fu School
    No, there is no language requirement to attend our Kung Fu School. In case you require assistance, we sometimes have translators available at RDS. However, once your training begins, you'll find that the language barrier poses no significant challenge. We've had French students who spoke no English and they were fine as we usually have multiple people speaking several languages at RDS.
  • Do you cater for vegetarians?
    Yes, our lunch is actually vegetarian, and during other meals, when meat is served, it is provided in separate dishes. We cater to most dietary requirements, but it's best to check with us if you have any special requirements.
  • Am I too old to attend RDS?
    No, there is no age limit for attending RDS. We've had students in their 70s attend our school with no issues. As long as you're in good general health and don't have any major illnesses, you're suitable for training at RDS. We welcome students of all ages and believe that martial arts training can be beneficial at any stage of life.
  • Can I share a room with my partner?
  • Do you have western style toilets?
    Yes! Every student room has an en-suite with a western style toilet.
  • How is the pollution around the RDS location in China?
    While pollution can be a concern in China, we're pleased to say that RDS is located in one of the best pollution-free zones in the country. Our high altitude allows us to enjoy the best air quality with zero pollution, ensuring that our students don't need to worry about pollution during their time at RDS. We take the health of our students seriously and ensure that they train in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Can I speak to past students?
    Yes, the best way is to post on the RDS Facebook Page and connect with many of our past students, or interact on our Rising Dragon Message Board.

Preparations & FAQ

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