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The Founder

Scott Bird: Inspiring Leader & Catalyst for Positive Change

Scott, born in 1982, Birmingham England, hails from humble beginnings. Fascinated by martial arts from a young age, he commenced his training in Shotokan Karate in 1993, embarking on an unwavering journey that continues to this day. As he matured, Scott naturally assumed the role of teacher while remaining dedicated to his own personal growth.

Scott's commitment knows no bounds as he bestows the gift of health and discipline, empowering individuals to transcend their circumstances and reach for their aspirations. Since the inception of RDS, thousands of lives have been profoundly enhanced and positively impacted under his guidance.

Scott Bird China philanthropist

His motivation to create RDS emanates from a deep-rooted passion for martial arts and an unwavering desire to make a positive global impact. From 2007 to 2018, Scott poured his time and resources into cultivating an enriching learning environment for his students, evident to those who were part of the RDS community during its early years in Fujian.

With the majority of his life spent in mountainous regions of China, Scott's mentality on training and pushing oneself was sculpted during his time with the Special Air Service regiment before his journey to China.


Those who have trained with Scott can attest to his unwavering determination to surpass boundaries. He epitomizes regimented discipline and relentless drive, holding no tolerance for excuses or complacency, always expecting his students to give their utmost effort unless otherwise indicated.

Scott's life has been dedicated to training and supporting those in genuine need, while discerning and weeding out those who are inauthentic or insincere.

For Scott, the RDS training facilities he has created around the world are not just his dream, but a way of life. However, one crucial reason he founded RDS was to offer people life-changing experiences in incredible and welcoming environments.


At Rising Dragon School, anyone can embark on a transformative journey without concerns of being taken advantage of, as unfortunately many people encounter, especially in China.

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