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Shi Yan Dong

34th Generation Shaolin Master

Shi Yan Dong (Meng Wei Dong) born 1986, is from Inner Mongolia and started his Martial Arts journey aged 10 at the Shaolin Temple, Henan. Although proficient at Sanda, his real expertise and passion is in Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu which he teaches to a high standard and with intricate precision getting the best out of every student that crosses his path.

Shi Yan Dong has travelled all over the world with the International Shaolin Performance Team performing in countries such as England, USA, France, Spain, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Austria, plus more than 20 other countries. Most of his travel was with the Shaolin Temple abbot, Shi Yong Xin.

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Despite the busy schedule of the International Performance Team, Master Dong has also entered and been successful in many tournaments including The Henan Province Wushu Championships, The National Wushu Elite Tournament, The Ningxia Wushu Championships, and the DengFeng Invitational Martial Arts Tournament. Master Dong finished in the top 3 of all of his categories in every competition he has ever entered.

From the moment you meet Master Meng Wei Dong you will feel at ease and welcomed by his friendly smile. He has a lot of patience and goes above and beyond to see that you reach your fullest potential in every class. He has the perfect temperament to be a teacher, loves what he does, loves passing on his knowledge, and loves helping out in any which way he can.

Anyone wanting to learn Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu then Master Meng Wei Dong is the perfect teacher for you no matter what your skill level is he will see to it that you reach the next level in your martial arts career.

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