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RDS Kung Fu School In China

Rising Dragon Martial Arts School in China has been formed to teach the very best of Martial Arts. It is founded on the simple principle of having the very best world class Kung Fu Masters in the best setting for the teaching and practice of Chinese Martial Arts. It took over a year to prepare the School for both Masters and pupils and has rapidly been recognised as one of the leading residential martial arts schools in China that all others aspire to!

Set at 1700m altitude on the Himalayan Foothills next to a Buddhist Monastery totally in harmony with its wonderful natural settings with the daily smiles of friendly Buddhist Monks, its tranquil setting is spiritually calming and up lifting. The location of our Rising Dragon School is perfect for the practice of martial arts in China!

The land is known as Tiger land in the art of Feng Shui. Tiger land mixing with our Dragon name provides the perfect location for Martial Arts and in its unsurpassed area of natural beauty means that few other schools could match this superb balance. Harmony is the key to all things!

We are able to teach and accommodate people of all backgrounds whether experienced or total beginners. We do have a medical Questionnaire to Complete but we are able to accommodate those with some conditions dependent upon the severity of these conditions and of course if and only if our teachings will be of genuine benefit. We can accept all age groups but those 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

One of our aims is to produce a total environment where culture, class, race or creed are left outside and you will become part of a caring, friendly community. All members of that community must agree to dedicate themselves to their learning and to each other.

Having completed your training in martial arts you will leave our school with much more than knowledge of the Art you have practiced. You will have acquired a far greater understanding of yourself and an inner peace that will give you an enhanced self-worth and appreciation of the world and others.

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