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Bai Hao Zhou

Shaolin Master

Master Bai, born in 1993 Inner Mongolia started his training in Chang Quan at the age of 11. He is one of the youngest teachers we have had at Rising Dragon but also probably the most enthusiastic to pass on Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu to our students.

Bai Hao Zhou was highly recommended to us from The Shaolin Temple, Abbot Shi Yong Xin and Warrior Monk training base head, Shi Yan Lu speaks very highly of Master Bai saying that he is one of the best of the next generation Shaolin.

He travelled from Mongolia to the Shaolin Warrior Monk Training Base at the age of 14 and has been there ever since. After just 3 years of hard training he was chose to be apart of the international performance team, which only the best get to be apart of. He has already performed in many countries including recent visits to Russia, New Zealand, and Fiji.

Shaolin Masters in china

Master Bai is also proficient in Sanda finishing 3rd in a Deng Feng Sanda Tournament which many of the main schools there entered their best Sanda fighters but his specialty and passion is in traditional shaolin fists such as Luohan Quan, Shaolin Guiding Quan, and many more plus all of the shaolin weapons.

If you are interested in Hard Qigong then Master Bai is the one to guide you as he has also reached a high level in this area of training too being able to bend a spear on his throat.

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