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Su Chun

Xingyi & Taiji Master

Born 1960 in Baoding City, Hebei PR. Master Su started his martial arts training at the age of 10 with his father being the influence, who was a dedicated XingYi practitioner.

As Su got older and his XingYi got stronger he started to train with some of his fathers senior training brothers namely Tian Xi Lan, Zhai Wen Feng, and Fan Ying whom were all 4th Generation XingYi Masters coming from the famous Guo Yun Shun lineage. Making Su Chun a 5th Generation of Guo Yun Shun.

At the age of 21 Su Chun met strict Master Zhao Jin Chen who taught Su, Li Rui Dong's style of Taiji, Five Star Hammer Tai Chi, later making Su his disciple and 5th Generation of the style.

xingyi masters china

After the 1976 devastating earthquake of Tangshan City Su Chun went to work there to help restore the city and it was there in 1981 that he met Deng Fu Ming. It didn't take Su and Deng long before they became great friends with them both sharing the same passion – Martial Arts!

As Master Deng had the Sun Style links he introduced Su to some masters and eventually in 1998 Su learnt from Sun Lu Tang's daughter, Sun Jian Yun later making Su a 3rd Generation of Sun Style Taiji Quan.

Master Deng and Master Su have travelled all over China together studying and competing at the highest level.

Su, like Deng is a great teacher and will push you to your limits incorporating a lot of hard qigong and conditioning into your training. He has been teaching on and off at Rising Dragon School since 2010 and normally comes when Deng Fu Ming has a break or holiday.

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