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Rules & Regulations

The following rules are universal and apply at all RDS training facilities and retreats.

  • Theft will never be tolerated, no excuses will be entertained you will be ejected immediately without recourse or refund.

  • The school has a no drug policy any breaches and you will be ejected forthwith.

  • Alcohol and gambling are forbidden on School Premises!

  • Bullying is absolutely forbidden - If a student is lacking in confidence or not as advanced as yourself then you should help them, NOT mock them. This will be seen as bullying or intimidation and will not be tolerated.

  • No bad language will be tolerated during classes or towards and around staff members.

  • Your personal hygiene is vital and lack of this shows a lack of self- esteem and no consideration for your fellow pupils.

  • Finger and toe nails must be kept short; ignoring this rule can cause Injuries.

  • You are not allowed to wear jewellery or make-up during classes.

  • Do not gossip, spread negativity, or say anything about anyone that you are unwilling to say to their face! These are traits of a weak minded person, if you are causing disturbance in the camp you will be ejected!

  • You must keep your room, your space and your school clean and tidy, you disrespect yourself and others by not doing so.

  • All students must attend all training sessions & not be late, Failure to do so shows unwillingness to learn and disrespect to your teacher. (Exceptions will be made for injury/ illness however, unless you are bedridden you have to show up to every line up in order to be excused from class!)

  • If you wish to leave a lesson for the toilet etc, permission must be asked from your teacher.

  • You must follow your teachers instructions at all times and have a serious attitude towards your training.

There will be no favorites or prima donnas, if you think you cannot bend your will to the ethos of the school then please do not apply.

Rules are made to be kept and if kept will ensure total harmony.

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