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Deng Fu Ming

4th Gen Sun Style Master

Master Deng Fu Ming born 1955 in Tang Shan City, Hebei Province was interested in martial arts from a very young age. When he was 16 he met Internal Sun style Master Liu Guo Xin and for the next 8 years Deng fu Ming studied Sun Style Xingyi Quan, Bagua & Taiji Quan.

Deng Fu Ming trained extremely hard during these 8 years and dedicated all of his time to training, Master Deng soon became very good at what he was learning and got infatuated/ obsessed with his Martial Arts Training so Master Liu introduced him to old Sun style Masters Zhang De Hai & Sun Chang Rui who taught Deng Fu Ming Bagua Jian (straight sword), Bagua 64 method of hand, Xingyi 12 animal fists & Bagua Dao (Bagua Broad Sword).

Tai Chi masters china

Later Deng Fu Ming was introduced to 1st & 2nd generation Sun Style Masters Grand Master Zhang Yu Shu who taught him Xingyi Wuxing Gun (staff) & Xingyi wuxing Jian (sword). Grand Master Sun Yu Ren who taught him Xingyi spear, Chun Yang Jian & Taiji Jian. Deng Fu Ming had several short stays in Beijing training under Sun Jian Yun. He has been taught and has had the guidance from some of the Best in Sun Style and today it shows in his own teachings.

He has taught at RDS since day 1 and has produced many good students, It is an Honor to train under him!

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