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kung fu school china

Unlock Your True Potential & Awaken The Dragon Within:

A Transformative Path To Wellness Through Kung Fu & Fitness

Rising Dragon Martial Arts School

Welcome To
Rising Dragon School
Transforming Lives Through Martial Arts Excellence

The Rising Dragon Martial Arts School in China, a non-profit organisation, has been formed to teach the very best of martial arts. It is founded on the simple principle of having the best world class Kung Fu masters in the best setting for the teaching and practice of Chinese martial arts. Since opening, we have impacted the lives of thousands of people from across the globe, rapidly earning recognition as one of the leading martial arts schools in china that all others aspire to.​

In addition to traditional kung fu training in China, we also offer specialised fitness holidays and weight loss programs...

Kung Fu school china

Empower Your Body and Mind
Kungfu & Fitness 


Learn kungfu in china

In 2018, RDS founder Scott Bird, began transforming RDS China from a profitable business into a non-profit organisation, dedicating his kung fu school in China to improving the lives of orphans and underprivileged children. His vision, to illuminate the paths of these young souls with confidence, self-worth, and discipline empowering them to overcome adversity and embrace a future filled with promise and success.

Since the beginning, RDS has provided support to local orphanages and embraced the hearts of the less fortunate through the RDS scholarship program. Now, a powerful shift takes place as everyone becomes an integral part of the cause when they attend kung fu training in China at RDS!

Shaolin Kung Fu School

Within the sacred halls of Rising Dragon Martial Arts School China, an extraordinary phenomenon unfolds. As individuals step into this space of self-improvement, they embark on a journey of personal growth, unaware of the profound impact they will have. It is a captivating dance of destiny, where those seeking exceptional training find themselves effortlessly aligned with a higher purpose: uplifting underprivileged children.

With each punch and kick, your skills are honed, and seeds of hope and transformation are sown. Every penny invested in your training becomes a meaningful gesture, automatically contributing to the betterment of young lives in need. Together, at our martial arts school, we become the change and lay the path toward a brighter future for children in need!

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kungfu school china review

David, Portugal

It was a great experience that got me in the best shape of my life! I highly recommend RDS, you won't regret it!

kung fu masters in china

Jason, England

RDS was an experience unlike any other. I lost 10kg, learnt martial arts and made friends and memories I will remember forever.


kung fu camp china

Jonny, England

My time at RDS could be described as nothing less than inspiring and quite simply, life changing! An incredible time I will never forget.

weight loss camp

Fadi, Lebonon

18 kilo down in 8 weeks! I've never felt better in my life, I can run, do pushups and chin-ups...Scott really turned my life around!

fitness holidays

Sandro, Australia

I feel the best I've felt in years! Anyone looking to get in shape I truly recommend you to contact Scott and attend RDS, you'll never look back!

RDS History Timeline

MAY 2006

Building & renovations

begin on creating RDS

OCT 2007

The 1st RDS student arrives,

John King from England.

OCT 2008

1st Anniversary

100+ students in 1st year/ 1st long term students arrive.

MAY 2010

Official Sun Style Training Base/ Scott becomes 4th Gen disciple.

AUG 2010

RDS Founder and students perform with Jackie Chan in Beijing

NOV 2010

Endorsed by the

British Embassy

NOV 2011

RDS long term students compete at the highest level in Hong Kong winning 8 medals

AUG 2012

RDS is booming with 20+

students staying for 1-3 years.

NOV 2015

The 1st Expansion,

RDS Philippines

DEC 2016

The 2nd Expansion

RDS Lapland

Learn KUNG FU in China & Get Super FIT

chinese kungfu
kung fu school china

Why Choose
The RDS Kung Fu School

  • Not For Profit - Every penny invested in your training helps underprivileged children.

  • RDS is owned and managed by a westerner giving you first class guidance and support in a country that can be intimidating.

  • World class experienced masters with decades of martial arts knowledge.

  • Pollution Free - Truly the best air quality in China on the Himalayan Foothills at 1800m altitude.

  • Comfortable Accommodation - every room has an en-suite bathroom.

  • Established since 2007

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