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First of all I'd say that you can't underestimate the fact that this school is run by a westerner, it might seem like nothing when you read that from home but when you are in a "true" Chinese school, well first of all everybody speak Chinese (I thought a lot of Chinese people would speak English but no, don't count on it!) and second of all they won't train you as hard as they would for a Chinese person...

So that's a very good point for "Rising Dragon School", you'll be able to understand everything and communicate with others!

From the schools and fitness training camps I've visited no where pushes you as hard as what you'll experience at Rising Dragon School.

Sanda school China

At first I was kind of scared because I couldn't really find any information about this school apart from its own website; I also thought that as I was used to hardcore training from boxing in semi-professional and also from army training (I've been in the reserves for two years) the rhythm over here was going to be a piece of cake!...Well I was wrong, and really glad to have been so! Because the training over here is FAR from being easy, especially if you are motivated..! What I mean is that the way you train depends on what you are ready to give (if you're not here to train really hard, the teacher won't push as hard as he would for somebody who is 100% motivated).


One thing I can swear to you is that I've been here for around 18 months so far (staying here for atleast 3 years) and even if sometimes I'd rather be home with my western way of life and comfort, I am really glad to be here and I've already learned and improved a lot on my flexibility, fitness, cardio etc... So don't be scared to try this amazing experience!

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