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Before attending RDS I had a few years of Wing Chun training, 6 months of Muay Thai and some Tai Chi and Qigong training.

I was lucky enough to learn White Crane Gong Fu 2 weeks at the Rising Dragon School taught by master Yan Da Shi. Amongst learning this very effective close combat Kung Fu, a specialty of the local area, I achieved fitness goals I never thought I could achieve. Including scaling the fantastic local mountain 1700+ meters high and preparing my fitness for learning Kung Fu.

I was very inspired to train at this famous school after finding it on a Facebook advertisement and had decided to fulfill my life long dream to learn Kung Fu in China.

RDS review

The school was everything I had imagined it to be and more but I was very lucky to learn White Crane Kung Fu whilst the school was new and remained unpopulated in wintertime.

Although a westerner owns the school it is a very authentic school for martial arts and for experiencing the wonderful Chinese culture.

I will be back!

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