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Northern Ireland

I didn't know what to expect when I arrived at the Martial Arts Academy but living there for two months proved to be a wonderful experience. I was able to live simply; I'd train hard every day and have traditional Chinese food prepared for me every mealtime.

The 5:30am morning circuit followed by Tai Chi, gymnastics, sparring, showering in the rain when the Up-side down sit-upswater ran out and late nights playing card games with everyone. I couldn't pick just one highlight and there was honestly so many. One of the great elements of this experience was the comradeship between everyone living and training together. Many people I met there had no martial arts experience and this didn't hinder them at all. Everyone learns at their own pace and is offered encouragement from the instructors and fellow students.

Shaolin school china.jpg

Between classes we were free to relax or practice over new material. There was something exciting and fun to do every weekend – climb a mountain, bamboo rafting through Jade mines or just exploring one of the local towns.

This was my first time in China and definitely won't be my last. My stay at Rising Dragon was exciting, challenging and rewarding.


It would give anyone who goes an energized zest for life.

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