Tuition Fees

RISING DRAGON FEES - (£ = British Pounds)

Our prices are all inclusive and include the following: Martial Arts Training (6+ hours per day), Occasional informal Mandarin classes, Accommodation, 24hr Internet access (WIFI) and Food (3 meals per day, Morning/Afternoon/Evening). Our Fee Structures shows all of our charges there are no hidden fees when you arrive. (All of our rooms have TV, WiFi, and En-suite bathrooms with western toilets.

After a student has filled in the booking form and has been accepted you are required to pay 25% of your balance as a deposit to hold your place with us leaving 75% of your balance remaining.

Any fees payable to the school should be paid by a bank-to-bank transfer before arrival or if you are a last minute booking/ returning student you can pay in cash.

Any students staying with us for 19 days or less will be charged for accommodation, training, and all meals at the rate of £35 per day. The daily rate is also charged to anyone extending from 1 day to 19 days. Stays from 20 to 28 days are capped at the 1 month price!


Your time at RDS is calculated weekly so a 1 month stay = 4 weeks or 28 days. For example a 6 month stay would be 168 days.

Private Chauffeur Service Fees

  • YongPing Bus Station – Free (Depending on availability)

  • Dali City Airport/ Train Station – £80

  • Baoshan Airport - £80

Private Accommodation - £120 per month