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RDS Scholarship

The 3rd Rising Dragon Martial Arts School Scholarship applications!

There are 3 phases which make up the RDS scholarship application which you can see listed below. After each stage we will pick our favorites to move onto the next stage which will eventually lead to one person (possibly more if its a tough decision) being awarded a 1 year scholarship at Rising Dragon Martial Arts School.

The 3 Phases of the application process

  1. Phase 1, Application form plus a 2 minute video - The application form will be your basic details with a few starter questions thrown in but the video is where we will gain our first impressions of you. There are no restrictions when it comes to the video except for the time of 2 minutes only, your video can be of you talking about yourself, demonstarting a skill, an interesting or funny story about yourself, absolutely anything but remember this will be our first impression so make it a good one. (You should be yourself and not try to act in a different manner to your everyday self, we want to see the real you!) No animations or cartoons, the video must be of you!

  2. Phase 2, A series of  questions and situations - We will be asking you random questions and putting you in various life situations.

  3. Phase 3, Live Video interview with Scott Bird - Eventually the final phase you will have to speak with RDS owner Scott Bird on skype or other form of video link.

We will announce when each phase will start on our Facebook Page so check regularly for updates. All applications should be sent to

Update - Dec 2017

After running the RDS scholarship for 3 consecutive years and giving 5 different people a whole year for free at Rising Dragon School we have decided to temporarily pause the scholarship with a possibility to continue in the future!

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Congratulations to the 5 RDS Scholarship winners: Amor Etman, Imari Colon, Sandro Melia, Arthur Reyes-Lao Ong, and Josh Elms.

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