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The Real Shaolin Experience

Lets get straight to the nitty gritty!! Forget about commercial schools for a minute, all the fake Shaolin Academies that have emerged over the last few years, whom just use the Shaolin brand as a means of pulling in students...If you want to really, and we mean REALLY Experience how the Chinese train in the birthplace of Kung Fu - The Shaolin Temple in Deng Feng, Henan Province, then you have made your first step to getting that experience by finding this page.

Rising Dragon School President Scott Bird, has long been in collaboration with The Shaolin Temple and it was through them in 2010 that we got the hook up to meet and perform with Jackie Chan. Now we are giving students this unique opportunity to spend 1 month in the official Shaolin Monks Training Base in Henan where the likes of the 'Wheel of Life' Shaolin International performance teams train at.

You will live, eat, and practice Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu at the Shaolin Training Base a long with over 10'000 Chinese Martial Arts students from the age of just 3 up to graduation age of 18. You will be placed in one of the training groups, given the school uniform, training shoes, and then you will be required to follow the Shaolin schedule the same as everyone else does, This truly is The Real Shaolin Experience!

As far as we are concerned, no other Martial Arts Schools in China train as hard as we do here at RDS and many of our students that have trained in multiple schools around China feel the same way. However, training at an all Chinese Shaolin School in Henan is very different and has its own difficulties and hardship which you will experience by booking The Real Shaolin Experience with us.

We suggest, if you have the time, to take on The Real Shaolin Experience for a month and then come and sample the training here at RDS and see the difference for yourself and in doing so, we will give you a ¥500 discount off The Real Shaolin Experience!

The Shaolin Experience duration is 1 month and the total cost is ¥9500 which includes your room, training, food, Shaolin clothing, and training shoes. We require you to pay a ¥1500 deposit and then the rest of the fee is paid direct to the Shaolin School upon arrival.

Pay your deposit now and get yourself booked onto The Real Shaolin Experience!

Once you have paid your deposit you should immediately fill in our contact form!

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