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The RDS Raffle

The Rising Dragon School Raffle will be giving lucky winners a 1 year stay at Rising Dragon Martial Arts School.

As if the RDS 1 year tuition fee of £6300 (US$8200) wasn't cheap enough right? Well now, if you're our lucky winner, you will be walking away with 1 years tuition for a fraction of the price!


Raffle Guidelines
You can buy as many raffle tickets as you like, but we limit purchasing tickets to one at a time to avoid any purchasing mistakes.


If you are the lucky winner and do not have time to attend RDS yourself you can gift the prize to a friend or family member or even sell the prize to someone that has time to attend RDS in replace of you.

The prize must be used within 6 months of winning, and must be 1 years continuous attendance. (Travel Breaks/ holidays are allowed)


The draw will be random and fair using the company,

The raffle draw will take place once we have sold all 111 tickets.

All tickets once purchased are none refundable.

Price of one ticket costs US$75.

Buy your tickets NOW - Everyone at RDS wish you the best of luck!

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