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Miao Wen Cai

Baji, Pigua, and Yang Style Taiji Master


Master Miao, 6th Duan, is a master in Baji Quan and Pigua Zhang, the complete Yang Style Taiji system and is also proficient in Tongbi Quan, Yi Quan, Northern Preying Mantis and Yanqing Quan. He has over 50 years of martial arts experience, had numerous articles written about him, trained under some of the best masters in Asia and has lightning speed and tremendous power even though he is in his 60's.

Miao Wen Cai has studied under some of the following masters Wang Shao Kun, Huang Yu Zhu, Zhao Fu Jiang, Dong Huo Kang, Cui Rui Bin and Sun Hui Hai and also knows many weapons including Dao, Spear, short and long Staff, Straight Sword, and Miao Dao.

In the 2010 and 2011 Cangzhou Int Wushu Festival Master Miao picked up Gold for Baji quan two years running, Gold for Pigua and Gold for Dao.

Baji being quite a rare style it is difficult to find good masters these days that know the whole system including Pigua Zhang. Having the opportunity to train with someone like Master Miao who has vast knowledge in these arts is a privilege.

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