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The Phoenix Plan

The Phoenix Plan is Rising Dragons guaranteed weight loss program for adults who have lost their way, became out of shape and want to do something about it.

The reason we have started this program is because over the years just on our normal regime of healthy eating and martial arts training we have helped hundreds of men and women of all ages get into shape within just a few short months. Jan Backus from Germany, 20 years old arrived at RDS weighing 160KG and lost a total of 35KG, Debbie Waddle from Scotland, 36 years old lost a total of 14KG and was running half marathons with ease at the end of her stay.




Why Phoenix? The Phoenix is famous for its long life span, which Rises from the ashes after death and regenerates its self so you can look at the Phoenix as a symbol of renewal just like what you will be doing here at Rising Dragon. The Phoenix plan is going to completely regenerate your mind, body, and soul and give you a new start in life.

Many weight loss programs and weight loss camps around the world are ridiculously expensive and only for a 1-week long course which will not give you dramatic changes in weight or appearance where as here at Rising Dragon you will be living and breathing a healthy lifestyle for 3 months which will be ingrained into you so you can carry the lifestyle on when you return to the real world.

If you are serious about getting into shape and leading a healthy lifestyle then simply book The Phoenix Plan. You will not only be doing beneficial exercise but also learning a variety of martial arts and ancient Qigong routines, which will help, relieve stress and calm the mind.

Stress is among the top reasons for people gaining unwanted weight and can affect you in several ways including the release of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol can slow your metabolism causing more weight gain and making dieting more difficult.

Our environment, a Buddhist Monastery on the foothills of the Himalayas at 1800m altitude is incomparable by any other location in the world and we feel it will have a huge role mentally in helping people lose weight as it is peaceful, stress free, and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can totally in burse yourself into our way of living in a martial arts Buddhist Monastery and be guaranteed to become a new, better, healthier person by the time you leave.

The Phoenix Plan is only available April, May and June exclusively at RDS China! However, We offer a similar more tailored program at RDS Lapland during January, February and March. www.EliteTraining.Center

The price per person per month is £1120


  • Resrticted to just 10 places to enable you get full attention from our experienced personal trainers.

  • Specialized Detox and Cleanses.

  • Healthy tailored diet.

  • Daily Vitamins and Protein shakes.

  • Learn martial arts and reside in a Buddhist Monastery.

  • If you don't lose weight we will give you a full refund!

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