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Rising Dragon School Booking System

Welcome to the RDS booking system. Here you will be able to book your place for any of our destinations training or retreats.

*RDS Deposit - A £100 deposit is required to secure your place at any of our destinations!
We will contact you within 7 days of receiving your booking and deposit to confirm your place and remaining balance.

*RDS Online PT Sessions & Remote Coaching - Please contact us to book your free consultation!

if you do not hear from us within 7 days you should check your spam and if you still cannot find a reply, contact us with your booking details and proof of payment!
Kung fu Camp China.jpg

China - Short

Kung fu Training in China - Choose this option if you want to attend RDS China for 1 to 19 days! (All Short Term Bookings)

During Your short stay with us you will experience the RDS lifestyle of martial arts, fitness and peaceful living in a friendly and calming environment!


£35 Per Day

female weight loss.jpg

Lapland 1-3wk

Choose this option if you will attend The Elite Training Base for 1 to 3 weeks.

Even in such a short time you will leave physically & mentally stronger!

The picture above was achieved in 3 weeks!


£114 Per Day

yoga retreat.jpg


Next Retreats To Be Announced!

Total Cost Per Person:


Shaolin temple.jpg

China - Long

Intense Kung fu & Fitness training at RDS China for 1 month or longer!

You will get super fit while learning one of China's main Kung fu styles all while living in a Buddhist Temple on The Himalayan Foothills!


£25 Per Day

Fitness Bootcamp

Lapland 4-8wk

Attend The Elite Training Base for 1 to 2 months and get tailored training to work towards whatever your goals are in life from weight loss, army enlistment or training for an event!

RDS Lapland has you covered!


£98 Per Day

Mid Summer Retreat.png


Mid Summer Retreat in Swedish Lapland!

Completely relax, destress and learn a variety of Qigong, Yoga Asana, Taiji and Breathing Techniques.

Next Retreat: JUNE 19th - 26th 2022

Total Cost Per Person:


Weight Loss Program.jpg

Phoenix Plan

Available April, May & June at RDS China!

Choose this option if you'd like to lose weight and get in amazing shape tucked away on the Himalayan Foothills where there are no distractions and only your goals to achieve!


£40 Per Day

weight loss before and after.jpg

Lapland 12 wk

For a full 12 week transformation at The Elite Training Base in North Sweden you should choose this option!

You will be completely transformed, all of your goals will be met and you will be ready to take on anything!


£89 Per Day

Husky Safari.jpg


Lapland Winter Adventure - One Week of Fitness & Adventures in The Arctic!

Activities include: Skiing/ Snow boarding, Husky Safari, Ice Fishing, Northern Lights, Night Hike, Circuit Training and relaxing Yoga classes!

Available January & February Only!

Total Cost Per Person:


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