The No.1 Residential KungFu School

Opened by a westerner just for Westerners!

Rising DRAGON Martial Arts School

An official training base for Sun Style Martial Arts

Located in a Buddhist Temple

On the foothills of The Himalayas

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

Learn from the Masters - Increase your Speed, Agility, & Flexibility!

Specialize in Traditional Weapons

Swords, Spear, Nunchaku, Whip, Staff...

Balance your MIND, Body, and Soul

With Sun Style and Yang Style Tai Chi Quan


To The Rising Dragon Martial Arts School

The Rising Dragon Martial Arts School in China has been formed to teach the very best of Martial Arts. It is founded on the simple principle of having the very best world class Kung Fu Masters...

More About Us

How It All Started...

Deep into the mountains of rural Fujian PR, South China a large plot of land left for ruins was discovered by Scott Bird during the May holiday of 2006. Although in a very bad condition, Bird knew...

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